On 28th of December 2000, William Reiher, the founder and sole incorporator of the company executed the original articles of incorporation and by-laws of the Company and filed it on the 10th of January 2001 which gave way to the legal existence of Ajejdrikdrik Incorporated. 

Since its birth, Ajejdrikdrik has been extending loans to serve the financial needs of those who were directly affected by the nuclear testing program of the U.S. in 1954 and their beneficiaries. As the company progressed, its client base has also diversified.  Through the years, Ajejdrikdrik is endeavoring to provide an excellent customer service for every customer encounter.  The Company has gained good reputation for professionalism, dedication and customer satisfaction.

Our Company is continuing to grow.  In building its resources, it shall carry with it the values that were envisioned by its founders.